July 30, 31 Breakout Sessions
August 1 Full Day Workshops
3 Days of Learning
On Monday and Tuesday, attendees enjoy breakout sessions on a variety of topics, from Cloud Computing to .Net Technologies. Monday night’s Attendee Party features plenty to eat and drink with entertainment galore – and endless networking opportunities! Prepare for full-day focused learning in workshop format on Wednesday.
56 Speakers
We recruited top national and international speakers, each one an expert on the latest trending topics and patterns. Our “Call For Speakers” received an impressive 238 sessions from 99 speakers. Out of that talented pool, we selected 56 speakers and 87 sessions for the final agenda. With more than 36 of these Microsoft MVPs and RDs, you will find that PT365 provides 'just in time training' on a wide variety of topics!
Great Location
Villanova University’s Connelley Center offers modern classrooms with projectors, comfortable seating and good lighting. Dining services can feed an army and the grille and coffee shop are open and convenient - next to the central sponsor area. Parking is free. Public transportation options are many with access to the airport and Center City in less than 30 minutes.
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Who Should Attend & Why

Working and coding in the same technology and hearing the same ideas every day can be exhausting and lead to burnout. When you attend PhillyTech365, you will open yourself (and your company) up to cutting-edge software development and innovation technologies. Improve your technical skills while learning from and networking with industry experts. Get ahead of the competition by finding solutions to your company’s Cloud, Mobile, and Web project challenges. The more you know, the better you perform in your job! This is YOUR chance to learn from and code with the best in the field. Internationally-known Microsoft Regional Directors, MVP’s, authors, experienced trainers and startup advisors will be on hand to lead the sessions, workshops and panel discussions that you choose, so they be will relevant to your working situation. And don’t forget networking opportunities! There are ample social events planned that will offer you a chance to chat with technology experts and peers in a relaxed, informal setting. There is plenty of room for your colleagues too. Spread the word, spread the technology, spread the knowledge. Be a part of history by attending the first PhillyTech365 on the prestigious and bucolic campus of Villanova University and become the Technical You you’ve dreamed about.

Topics That Matter
.NET Framework
Development tools for building apps change constantly and rapidly. Our experienced speakers will guide you through installing/transitioning/migrating new versions and understanding/utilizing programming languages. They will introduce you to best practices and the .Net Framework Class Library (reusable code saves you time!). Find out what you’ve been missing: get up to speed and become more efficient with the latest guides to building apps.
Cloud Computing
Get your head in The Cloud! The future of application development is serverless. Discover flexible scalability and a less expensive way to host all your company's applications. Sessions and workshops focus on security and compliance as well as best Azure and Xamarin practices. Enter the serverless environment pain-free!
Web Development
Discover and learn the latest frameworks, tools, and ideas to make your web design, programming, and publishing current and on the cutting-edge. Varying coding languages, techniques, interfaces, and database management can be overwhelming – learn what’s best for your company’s unique internet and intranet needs.
Let’s combine Development and Operations to bring software developers and IT professionals together in blissful harmony. Communication, cooperation and cohesion are vital for a company to reach its goals. You’ll learn the what, why and how of DevOps and realize that it’s not just a technology – it’s a culture.
Data Science & Analytics
Collecting, interpreting, and understanding data for information discovery and analysis in technology and business never ends. Big Data and databases that gather and store information are vital to a company’s success, but due to the enormous amount of data, this can be an overwhelming challenge. Learn how to control data instead of chasing it.
Patterns & Practices
Every programmer knows there's more to software development than just languages and tools. Learn best practices and techniques from expert coders to understand challenges and analyze problems for your company’s specific web needs. They will also introduce you to different products that may help you along your personal Code Brick Road. Their knowledge is your key to success.
Inspiring Software Developers for Decades
PhillyTech365 is the joint venture of Mahesh Chand and Bill Wolff. Mahesh, founder of C# Corner and CEO of Mindcracker, Inc., is a Microsoft Regional Director, author, international speaker and startup advisor. As one of the largest software developer communities in the world, C# Corner reaches 3.5 million coders around the world. Bill, an Enterprise Consultant, with 30+ years of field experience, is a Microsoft MVP, certified trainer and national speaker. As founder of philly.NET user group, Bill has directed the 26 popular Philadelphia-area Code Camp events in 12 years. He helped start and run INETA's speaker bureau. PhillyTech365 is designed as an ecosystem of annual events that will allow software developers to learn cutting-edge technologies and educate themselves while connecting with experts and peers in their field. The goal is to bring in international speakers, experts and trainers to local Philadelphia developers. Mahesh and Bill want to bring the experience and expertise of a world-class conference to YOU.
About PT365
This summer's PhillyTech365 is the first in a series of national conferences that offers attendees world-class education in the latest technologies. The three-day format presents workshops, panel discussions, and full sessions brought to you by trainers with decades of experience and expertise in their fields. But, we're not just about conferences! We can also guide you through the latest and most current technologies through custom training, mentoring, and recruitment services.